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Frequently Asked Questions

What problem does Upmarket solve for my team?

Upmarket is software that helps teams email/call prospects, track sales activities for reporting purposes, and share sales material across team members.

It is built to help teams that work remotely and in person to break down the barriers that stop work from happening.

Does Upmarket have built-in reporting?

Yes – When you’re doing work at this scale, it’s important to have built in reporting for your teams. Upmarket comes with out of the box reports for reps, teams and departments and data exports, APIs, and scheduled reports to make data management simple.

What features does Upmarket’s phone system have?

Upmarket is a next generation phone VOIP phone system, that includes every feature you team will need to be successful including: dedicated phone numbers, call recordings, voicemails, localized calling, a power dialer, listen-in and whisper features for managers, and conference calling.

How does it work?

Upmarket equips team with a library of sales material and the processes and tools to easily act with those materials with any prospect.

The library can store material like email templates, call scripts, objections, battlecards and product faqs.

The sales tools include a customizable workflow that makes managing email and calls simple, and communication tools including an integrated phone system to send and track hundreds of personalized emails and calls.

Can I customize workflows for my team?

Yes – Upmarket makes it possible to create workflows that match your business. You can customize and create fields, preselect sales material for workflows like inbound, outbound, or prospecting, and kick off automations based on custom call outcomes.

Can Upmarket connect to my CRM?

Upmarket has a lightweight CRM that helps you store account and contact records and seamlessly connect them with CRMs including Salesforce and Pipedrive. You can import and export data directly out of Upmarket using customizable data extracts.

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